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Finally got the complete OSTs for Mobile Suit Gundam Wing and Nadia and the Secret of Blue Water.

I love the internet.
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And it totally kicked my Golden Era obsession into full swing *spazzes out* AHHH I can't wait to bust out some fanart, I'm so excited.

That being said, but Dr. Facilier's voice is like sex on a stick. Mmm...

God, this is a Disney movie, I should not feel this way - they are freakin' two-dimensional = PSL, what is wrong with me

NAVEEEEEEEN~ <3<3 *fangirls*

I really loved Tiana - I was always looking for a more headstrong and independent Disney Princess (well, they all strive to be independent anyway...). I really loved Charlotte too - she was like a really perky version of a southern belle. Oh, and Louis was so funny! And RAAAAAY~ that part made me so sad. And like said before, Dr. Facilier is one smooth Disney villian...I like his character design the most.

I also watched Avatar and Sherlock Holmes...surprisingly, I enjoyed Sherlock Holmes over Avatar. Avatar reminded me of Pocohantas...WITH GUNS. Sure, it is a beautifully rendered movie, but I don't know. It didn't give me an emotional reaction as much as I think it should. That, and I think my mistake was watching it in 3D. It was my first time watching a film with 3D goggles, and it didn't take long until I got a headache. Then I got sick and had to leave the theater. Never doing that again.

Sherlock Holmes was awesome and full of bromance. Enough said.

Okay, going back to watching my Korean drama ("You're Beautiful"). On the last episode. <3

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New Year's Resolutions

1) Be a Positive Polly, not a Negative Nancy/Debby Downer.
I swear that I'm always nagging people on their faults IRL...I really have to learn to let things go.

2) Comment more on people's LJs, deviantART journals/deviations, sketchblogs, etc.
You get feedback if you give feedback. Plus, comments make people happy.

3) Finish my novel.
I don't care at this point if it is longer than a Harry Potter book, I'M GOING TO FINISH IT

4) Start on my Variants on a Medieval Tune animatic project.
I finished all of the storyboard, edited the music, finally got Adobe Premiere and understand how to use I actually have to start the project.

5) Decide whether I want to ultimately live my life as a spinster or not.
No, I'm serious. This is more frustrating of a decision than it seems.

6) Beat BKO and RE4.
Videogame nerd goal, hahaha.

7) Dress VINTAGE.
I don't care what people think, I'm buying a fedora.

8) Complete the first volume of my webcomic.
First chapter down, in the middle of the second, four more to go.

9) Drastically improve my artwork.

10) Be a better Christian.

11) Stop judging people before I really get to know them.
I struggle with this.

12) Stop saying what I want to do, and actually do it.
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I hate being at the age when 90% of your friends are dating or engaged, and you yourself haven't even been in a relationship yet.
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So I'm in my boring lecture class this morning when I decide to check my email on my laptop. I find a ton of messages spamming my inbox. Chiqua Defenders! got spotlighted today on Smackjeeves! I'm shocked! It came out of the blue. Thanks to whoever put CD as the spotlight suggestion, I really appreciate it!
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Hey, guys, I'm thinking of making a sketchblog so it'll be easier to post my sketches and to view them. Y/N?

Until then, working on a sketch-fanart for The Iron Giant Project:

(Ha, you can see Toshiko in the background! She was on the other page.)
The deadline's November 2nd; hope I can finish in time.

Found some cool artists if any of you are interested: